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Spear Office Furniture has over 40 years servicing California. We discovered that there was a huge gap between office furniture companies and their market. This is not a one size fits all product and/or service which is why we decided to build strong partnerships with well over 70 manufacturers that have stood the test of time.

These manufacturers deliver real quality in an attractive design for your office environment. They each bring a unique set of skills. Some may specialize in very attractive designs, while others allow for more flexibility.

With these set of skills and connections, we are able to combine and leverage products from various manufacturers into solutions that meet your unique office design needs.


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70+ Office Furniture Manufacturers

A variety of manufacturers ranging from the lobby to the boardroom.


Servicing California since 1979

Tremendous experience in planning office interiors from space planning through installation.


Full Service Dealership

Unparalled team that services from space planning furniture procurement delivery, warehousing & installation.


Local Showroom

Displaying multiple manufacturers with many different price points.